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Tecnam P2004 Bravo Ops

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I have just obtained the use of a Tecnam P2004 Bravo to train a large student. (He won't fit in our J120!) .


What I need is some information on recommended circuit and approach/landing procedures (speeds, power settings, flap settings, etc.)


On climb out it seems to require a much higher nose attitude than I am used to to keep the speed at the 60-65 kts on the checklist I have.


It also descends like a streamlined brick with full flap (38 deg).


Is anyone who is familiar with the P2004 B willing to share their procedures used for training ab intio students? 076_joystick.gif.1d2ed07889352a966338f6390696faff.gif


DWF 080_plane.gif.36548049f8f1bc4c332462aa4f981ffb.gif



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Had a bit of time in one a few years back , I noticed if you we're slow on final it came down like a house brick, bang on the numbers it was fine , but get a few knots slow and it was on the back of the drag curve real easy. I'm 6'3" and found the spar a bit annoying to keep looking under, other than that its a nice AC , good performer and nicely built.



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the Tecnam Bravo operating manual is easy to locate on the web ? ........... and down load


if you pm me (I don't know how that is done) I can supply you a copy ?


all the speeds are there ................. clean climb out is 68 kts - cruise climb 75 - 80 kts ............. etc


I'm not an instructor so I'm not saying any more



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