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Boeing 747 Fire Tanker

Uncle Chop Chop

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Has anyone got John Howards E-Mail address? We could send him that. Wheather he likes it or not would be another Question.


I think the Australian Government should look at buying this Aircraft especially with the way that the Fires are burning in Tasmania, Western Australia and also the fire I was just at in North Eastern Victoria and Gippsland.


There are many Pros and Cons for the Airport. Some of them that I noted from the Presentation include




Largest Amount of water dropped of any Aircraft


Segmented Drop


Able to fly close to the Ground to Drop


The amount of Area that it can cover with 1 Tank of water




Large amount of Water Usage (especially with water and how short it is here in Australia)


The time to refill the Fuel and Water


What does everyone say?



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