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  1. Ring me tomorrow, working from 2-12pm.
  2. Ben, my best bet would be an Boeing 777-300ER. A380's aren't scheduled until March (If my memory is correct) out of Melbourne. Not sure about the Dubai to Hyderabad.
  3. Hi Pete. I watched this land while I was in the back hold of a Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800. I had to stop loading and quickly grabbed my phone to get a picture. unfortunately the zoom didn't go far enough to get a picture of it. Was a very lovely looking Aircraft with and even better livery! Also the Thai A340-600's started flying here on Wednesday.
  4. Hi Mate. Hope all is well and your recovery is going along smoothly. Hope to catch up soon mate!!!
  5. The problem is that Qantas held a monopoly on routes such as Aust-LAX and Aust-Heathrow. Then all of the other Internatonal Carriers eg Etihad and Emirates and many more have come in offering better fares and better service.
  6. I have decided to start this Thread to discuss the latest happenings re Aviation in Australia. Some topics that people might like to speak about include the Rise and fall of Tigers airways and were they are now, the planned announcement of Qantas's International restructuring and anythign else anyone wants to speak about. I want to keep this purely Australian related.
  7. Classic example of why we shouldn't fly through volcanic ash!!!!! I think this should have been shown at all airports around Australia this week. Safety First!!!!!
  8. WOW!!!!! Amazing how far technology has come!!!!!!
  9. I agree Daz! Air NZ have to be joking!!!! For a fare that would normally cost around $250- $300 1 way to be that high, only for this day is ridiculous!!!! Virgin Australia have put on extra flights at reduced price to help people stranded from other carriers.
  10. Would the Ash Cloud have something to do with this?
  11. Very interesting isn't it? The Boeing 777-300 is around the same size and weight and yet it only has 2 boggie's with 6 wheels on each. Most Aircraft are different but it interesting to see the configuration.
  12. Hello all I'm thinking of treating myself to a small spotting trip up to Sydney on July 5th. It's my Birthday on the 6th and I was planning on flying to Perth for the Day on Virgin Australia's new A330-200. I was wanting to know if anyone knew any good hotels near the Airport and anywhere I might be able to hire a car from for the day? I was also wanting to know if anyone else would like to join me on the 5th? Any takers please let me know with a PM.
  13. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!!!! I still marvel at these big birds every day and still wonder how they get off the ground!
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