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Hi there! Another member here!

Guest Flying frenchie

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Guest Flying frenchie

Hi! :D


I am a 21 years old French engineering student (mathematics/mechanics), and I have passed my PPL in France last year. Have flown HR200 (well, French aircraft, you probably haven't heard about that), DA20, C152, PA28, and DA40 (Diamond aircraft) ... I am just arrived in Melbourne, I will be here for five months and I'm just looking for other pilots. I will probably get a kind of conversion of my French license, but also really enjoy having a drink on an airfield cafe, watching airplanes landings, and talking about the next trip. Well, just aero club culture and way of life, I guess! :P


I'm obviously keen to pursue a part of my little aviation story here in Australia, and so to meet some other flying and aviation addicts in the Melbourne area. So, just let me know!



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