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Closer still!

Guest Crash Lander

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Guest Crash Lander

Went up again on Saturday morning.


I arrived, ready to do a dual flight to knock of the remaining items yet to be covered, but instead found that my instructor had been double booked with another student who was yet to solo.


The wind was very, very light, and pretty much across runway 17, so I suggested I do some solo cross wind circuits, whilst he took the other student for a lesson.


It was agreed, and the wind quickly picked up enough to legitimately allow the session to be called cross wind circuits.


I did 10 circuits in total this day, with a quick jaunt 5 miles into the training area to practice a few steep turns, and to practice re-entering the pattern again.


Was good this time because there was not only me in the pattern, as is the case 90% of the time I've been up. There was the other student in a Cessna 152, and several other a/c arrived during the time, and slotted in between us, as well as a helicopter coming and going a few times. The Cessna 152 and I started pretty much opposite each other in the circuit, (as he was lifting off, I was half way down the downwind leg), but towards the end of the session, I had caught up on him a bit, with me almost ready to turn final, just as he was touching down. For some reason, he seemed to be flying an extra wide pattern, so I found myself slightly widening my pattern, and reducing my speed a little to avoid getting any closer.


Had no problems with anything this session, and did a total of 1.4 hours, bringing my total to 19.7 hours which is a measly 0.3 short of the minimum required time!


I now need only 2 hours of solo time to reach 10 solo hours, which entitles me to my pax endorsement, so the school is going to hold off processing my paperwork until I have that too.


In 2 weeks time, we'll do a dual session, to complete the uncovered items, and I'll also do my BAK after that lesson too.



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Guest lonewolf

Good to hear you are progressing; Pax privilege is good and the family and friends will be keen to go flying with you. Next big step is the cross country navs which are really fun.



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Guest Darren Masters

Excellent buddy! :D Keep us posted.


And then this comment:


Pax privilege is good and the family and friends will be keen to go flying with you

Yes, except maybe the, err, wife :shock:



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