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Guest Rob

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Hi there,


I have just joined this forum and thought I would introduce myself. The first part of my career I was busy shooting down planes as a Combat Systems Operator (CSO) in the Royal Australian Navy, the second part of my life saw me jumping out of planes as a Paratrooper in the Australian Army and in the third part of my life I am flying planes as my primary source of entertainment!


I work in the Aviation Industry here in Australia and know alot of people in GA. My sales job takes me all over Australia and every now and again Internationally. I would love to share my knowledge and experience and am happy to answer any questions about the GA industry in Australia or the ADF both of which I have a huge passion for.


My flying experience is of PPL level and I am about to commence an Aerobatics rating.


I look forward to contributing to this forum and would love to hear from you.



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Guest Glenn

Hi Rob and welcome aboard. Hope you don't mind but I deleted your other two posts. Only because they are the same as your first post here. Hope that's ok with you.


Enjoy your time with us :)



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