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Hi from Warnervale NSW.


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Hi All, I've been keen on planes since flying on BOAC VC10's from Nairobi to the UK as a kid. The realities of life and lack of funds saw nothing happening until in my 30s and I starting Hang gliding in Essex UK. Then after crashing my Typhoon while trying to ridge soar I did nothing for a further 4 years and then had a few lessons on a trike flying from Upminster near the river Thames. With a young family, that was canned and it wasn't until I was settled on the Central Coast, NSW (many years later!) and taking a mates brother for boat ride that we talked about flying since he was a BA pilot. Then it was a TIF in an ultralight, joined a syndicate with a Skyfox taildragger, joined a syndicate with a Jabiru LSA and now I've sold the Skyfox and the Jab syndicate is ending sadly with the sale this weekend. What a great place to fly here on the Central Coast with the sea and bush inland. Wouldn't be dead for quids.



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Guest OzChris

Hi Osprey - WELCOME


Sounds as though you have flying in your blood, like the rest of us aviation nuts...


Recreational Flying is the BEST!


Hope you enjoy your time with us all here at TAA...great to have you on board!


Again - WELCOME!!



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