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  1. I have been up In several aircraft. A Piper tomahawk PA 28..A Katana Diamond.. Not so fond of it. I felt as if I was sitting on top of the plane.. This was at Cumbernauld airfield. Me getting over my fear of flying.. Lol. The lady was my pilot..
  2. I guess no one into fast cars and action.. Maybe a female thing.. ?
  3. Also I cycle a lot.. As I don't drive. I particularly enjoy cycling to military jetty most days..
  4. I wonder if anyone goes or has gone to Archerfield to watch the Sprint Car racing? I have been but as I don't drive it is too far to go to.. I used to watch the stock cars at Racewall Cowdenbeath.. At one time my daughter raced minis and latterly Pro stocks.. A Vauxhall saloon. Roll cage. No engine modifications..race harness. Front and rear bars Window net etc. As it could be quite a contact sport.. Just thought I'd throw this in..
  5. Thanks for the information. Jerry..Emirates are still flying to Edinburgh but as far as I know only once a week.but only for humanitarian or compassionate compassionate reasons. I guess I fit into that Category. . Dubai is the problem as I believe they are insisting you have Covid insurance or a guarantee you don't have it. So I've been waiting for things to be a bit more relaxed.. Luckily we are clear here.. So far .thanks for the information..
  6. I may go back for good.. I have not made my mind up yet.. I do have a return with Emirates.. But yes Scotland UK.. I have no family in Queensland.. Split up... .not decided yet..
  7. Thank you so yes I read this.. I have citizenship.. But due to a mix up regarding my pension.. I am returning home for good.. But not in October as things are still very complicated there. I had notification from Emirates with a lot of requirements including testing. Compulsory Covid insurance.. Is there such a thing and if so.. H Thank you so much for you reply .
  8. I am so hoping to fly to Edinburgh in October.. I have my flights with Emirates in credit.. However I am told I have to have a special permit .my reason being mum will be 100 in Nov.. I know I have to isolate when I arrive. But how does this work? Anyone?
  9. I too am one of the older members..I had booked a flight with Emirates to Edinburgh and back to Brisbane.on the 21st May.. To return here in 6weeks.. That's if I decide to stay here after my split up.. I booked through flight Centre. I have a credit note but it must be used by November or I lose it.. So I must rebook before then.. The problem is.. What if it's no better by say October.. I wish I had s crystal ball.. Stay safe.. I
  10. I too have been affected. I was meant to be flying with Emirates on the 21st May.to Edinburgh . It's been cancelled.. So I'm in limbo too.. I hope you can keep the site going.. Unfortunately the only radical solution could be self isolation for 2weeks.. But that's not viable.. Just keep washing your hands with soap .keep your distance. And I think we'll weather the storm.. Fingers crossed for a cure. Stay safe everyone..
  11. Welcome onetrack..I too am enthusiastic about the aviation.. I used to be Moderater on an American site called flightlevel350.com.but it folded . However I learnt so much about planes from a passenger's point of view.
  12. Thanks for that Yampy.. I'm glad I wasn't on that flight..
  13. I'm so sorry to hear they found wreckage but no bodies yet.. Thanks for informing me..
  14. I am so sorry to hear about this and send my sincere condolences to all the families and friends... I watch the planes take off from Caloundra whether they are for pleasure or training or sky diving or aerobatics. I enjoy seeing them fly over the Passage.. I'm not a pilot although I have enjoyed a few fights when I was in Scotland at Cumbernauld.. To cure me of my fear of flying in the passenger planes.. It did the trick..
  15. Thanks so much for you very kind comments David.. Aye it was just so worthwhile doing. No idea where to next.. I would like to fly to Cairns as I am curious to see what it looks like. Got to start saving again.. LOL.!
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