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Hello from France

Guest f5yh

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i am a new member, and known your site by Daniel Kirby who wrote this day on the forum of Plane Plotter.


I am in France, in Marseilles, near Marignane International Airport, use Plane Plotter from COAA with an SBS1 kinetics receiver.


I am also interested by maritim traffic, use Ship plotter, written also in COAA, and i can see all traffic in Marseille's port on AIS with an Icom Prc1000 scanner.


So, as i am new, i have this message : We have noticed that you have not posted here at TAA as yet and invite you to start your first post in our Introduce Yourself forum But don't know where to post it...


I am a Frenchie and don't speak a good English...So, sometimes it is difficult to understand some sentences and write also...


I see that you have very interesting photos of planes and hope somebody will help me to go in the comunauty..


Greetings from marseille. Michel F5YH



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First off, hello f5yh and welcome to TAA!


I have moved your post and created a new one in the introduction forum for you with the title "Hello from France" I hope this is ok



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Guest OzChris

G'day Michel - Welcome to TAA!


We are getting quite an international membership - thats GREAT!!


Nice to have you join in with us all - hope you enjoy your time here.



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Guest David C

Bonjoir Michel ... I bet your English is better than my French !!. Welcome to our site , I hope you find us a happy group and look forward to your postings. Joyeur Noel .


Dave C



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Now I believe this is the word I am looking for.... Bienvenue!


I do hope you enjoy your stay here at TAA, feel free to browse and if you take photos, recordings, videos or any other information which you find interesting feel free to post it. It is always good to see international content, and a view from halfway across the world!



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