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Guest DickNL

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G'Day you all.


Just registered as this forum was the only one that had anything on flight QFA31 (VH-OQC) which I logged yesterday (Jan 17) early in the morning on HFDL on 2998.0(KHz).


She was flying over the Netherlands (my country) in a North-west direction, apparently towards London.


I'm more into radio's then aircraft (sorry) but if they meet I'm there.


Currently I am monitoring 2x HFDL and 1x ACARS on a 24/7 basis.


As my interests shifts this ofcourse may change.


Cheers for now,




Location: 52°12'N 5°55'E


Receivers: NRD545, RX320, RX321, AR8000. Ant: longwire, DX-500 (RF-systems)


SW: JVComm32, Airnav Suite 4, PC-ALE, PC-HFDL, ACARSD (1.70RC3) , Posfix, PSK31, DXAtlas, Shipplotter, DSCdecoder, UISS, UI-View, AWG, etc...



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Guest Chainsaw

Gday Dick and welcome to TAA. We have lots of people on here with a wide variety of interests. Somehow I don't think you will be lonely ;)





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