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Guten tag, mein hairies!


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I am zer old fahrt, ya? (iz cherman verd -but don't mention ze vorr, nein?)


Impecunious to the point of not being a pilot, let alone own an aircraft, I could be classed as an aviation groupie.


Especially if it involves hanging around OLD aircraft. And if they have two wings and a big round engine .. YEEHAAAAAA! Hence my focus is on aviation history, old aircraft and old aircraft which are being brought back to life.


Go take a look at this site http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/vintage-aviator , for example.


My first post will be for the history sleuths - a wonderfully evocative photo of a 20's pilot in front of a DH6, powered by the engine type which is being recreated by the wizards from the above site.


I'm looking forward to my involvement with TAA ("The Friendly Way").



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Guest OzChris

Heißen Sie willkommen zu TAA siznaudin! Ich werde hoffen, dass Sie Ihre Zeit mit allen von uns Flugwesenmuttern genießen...


Great to have you with us siznaudin - we are all pretty much plane mad around here :]



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Welcome to TAAI fixed the link in your post as it ddin't work. I like the layout of that site

Thanks for that Glenn - yes, nice layout, thanks to there being a LOT of $$$$ tied up with that particular enterprise: the reproduction RAF1a engines, I believe cost around Au$200,000 each - I think they're doing a run of five(5) engines for starters. It's a very, very serious capital "B" Business!



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