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Hey all you flying fanatics!

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Hey! My name is Brett and i am at Ballarat YBLT. I currently fly in a j-160 which is a light sport aircraft.


I would really love to meet some new people who have an interest in aviation so if you would like to become friends or just to get to know me, add me to msn. My addy is [email protected].


Hope to hear from you soon!!!



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Guest OzChris

Hi Brett - welcome to TAA.


I too fly from YBLT...


I see you are using one of my images for your avatar :eek:



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Guest Darren Masters

Hey Brett. Welcome to the forums 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif Chris, you will have to start charging soon mate 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif



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