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Automatic Severe Weather and Emergency Reports

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I see you have a bunch of threads with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings etc for various states. Forum members may be interested in registering with the Australian Early Warning Network (EWN) which provides free emails and/or SMS and/or phone messages to subscribers for selected locations. As an aviator and as a weathernut, this is a very good service when you are away from your computer, or on the airfield with only a mobile phone or Blackberry. You can also submit severe weather reports.


Have a bo-peep on http://www.ewn.com.au/ and see what you think.


Happy landings 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif



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Well, Robbo, if you were looking for a weather app on the iPhone, go into the App Store and look for 'Oz Weather'. It has come in handy for me, and shows you weather, along with radar images from the BOM website and is updated automatically (With a WiFi connection, and I would say a 3G connection aswell). Cost's a few bucks, but the App's are never too expensive (Except the Aviation ones!).


Thankyou Wingnut for the website, I am taking a look now and would come in handy for work when I am not near a computer.



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The Emergency Warning Network (EWN) has upgraded their service - I continue to get useful reports for locations where I live or fly - and their services are now also being tailored for businesses and enterprises needing special alerts, network warnings and incident reponse. Worth another look...





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