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Did you know that the Aeropup is an All Australian design ?  

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  1. 1. Did you know that the Aeropup is an All Australian design ?

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:)Hi to all, it's about time I joined some forums so my customers tell me ! I learnt to fly in a Skyfox, Lightwing and Jabiru and Aeropups of course, this forum may make it easier to keep in touch to answer any questions I am still working out all the site's intricacys, and trying to link it to the facebook site of Aeropup Aircraft.


To clarify a point that some folk seem to miss.... the Supapup Mk 4 was the only single seater produced by us, the Mk 1, 2, and 3 (all single seaters) where produced by a previous company. The Mk 4 can be identified by the simple fact that it was the only model of single seater with folding wings.


The Aeropup name was adopted to differentiate the twin seater (side by side) all of which had the fast fold wing system as standard. Regards John Cotton


Aeropup Aircraft


South Australia 5211









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Welcome John. I've heard all about you. I'm good friends with an Aeropup Builder (Geoff P) at Scone. He told me yesterday he's finished! I'm hoping to go & video his first flight soon. He's just brushing up on his TW skills this week then should be all go. Enjoy this site, might be quieter than some, but as they say it's the Friendly Aviation Forum. Of course it's up to us the members to get the place humming with all manner of discussion. Hope to here from you often.



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