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C-130 Conversion

Ethan Lewis

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I was wondering if anyone could help; I am looking in to C-130 Conversion Courses (any stage of training following 2FTS at Pearce).


To my understanding, trainees are sent to RAAF Base Richmond No.285 OCU (84 wing) where they are instructed using high fidelity cockpit simulators to represent the actual C-130 capacity. I believe the course runs for 16 weeks, when finally the trainees are posted to No.37 to fly as a co-pilot for 2 YEARS before proceeding to captaincy.


Please confirm this information, as i feel that there may be inaccuracies. Also, any supporting documents/websites?





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I checked, nothing appears to be publicly available. Given that you could be in the right seat of a narrow body jet for as long as it takes for your captain to retire, I'd say two years of operational flying all over south east Asia, Australia and the middle east is a fair trade.


285SQ has the simulators, 37SQ does the tactical flying including co-operation with other forces.


PM me if you have specific questions. I'm not the guy but I may know who to ask.


PS We had an A330MRTT do a touch and go here in Canberra today. From Amberley! Callsign Dragon03



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