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Has anyone flown into Forster NSW Aerodrome ?

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http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Sale/Vacant-land/NSW/Forster/?adid=2010154260Check with these guys, It's for sale. I flew in there 10 years ago in a C172 , good strip then, no good without a boat ride.

Thanks Camel, interesting link. Would be a fantastic airpark ! I also found a photo of the place with over 50 aircraft parked on the apron.The good old days



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Technically, Wallis Island is private property, and the owners (some conglomerate) will not give permission to land there.


What that means is, that if you land there and have an accident, IT IS YOUR FAULT, NOT THEIR'S.


Moral of the story, don't have an accident!


I think there is someone living on the island that flies in and out, or has a friend that does so, but at their own risk.


Not sure what the deal is with getting off and on the island by boat, as I think the few people that live on the island commute via their own transport, I don't think there is any 'public' transport....?



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Thx Pylon. If I do fly in there, I would naturally obtain permission, and I was thinking of contacting the local marina there to arrange a pick up and transport to the mainland.


At this stage it's all hypothetical.


No solid plans. I'm driving up there for Christmas Day and naturally I'm looking for aerodromes for the follow up visit to my brothers new place there



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Didn't do any rece whilst I was there Planet unfortunately. Just didn't have time. One good thing though is that my bro- in law has a tinnie that he can pick me up in. He lives close to the Co Op so that's a bonus. Just have to find contact details for the airfield



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Just have to find contact details for the airfield

The airfield and surrounding acreage is for sale (see elsewhere), but as I said earlier, I don't think you will find anyone that will actually give you permission to land there.

The Realestate crooks might say they can get it for you if you say you're flying in to have a look at buying, but I wouldn't hold your breath....



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