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  1. Yes, convex, or as we used to say, 'up in the bowl' or bell. As someone commented, you could thermal tightly up into the bowl, then punch out through the side, and provided it was a singular cumulus cloud, you would be out in a few seconds. REALLY not a good idea in a street 😱 As for instruments, most Blaniks (and IS-28's) came fitted with a battery powered 2 1/4" turn coordinators (Bat and Ball), that seemed to work fairly well. 🤔 But yeah, wouldn't want to be ridge soaring with all that cumulogranite around.
  2. We're open to ideas to remove plastic from alloy, but often the problem is UV degradation caused, believe it or not, by fluro lighting, which make the plastic brittle and can no longer be peeled off as it just breaks into little pieces. •Heatguns work to a fashion, but a very narrow temperature is needed between having no effect, to becoming a (hot) sticky goo. •Thinners and metho do absolutely nothing, except maybe dry the plastic and make it harder. •Turps will attack the adhesive and will sort of work on very old plastic as it becomes somewhat permeable, but if only 'partiall
  3. Big clunky magnetos with two spare poles...🤔 I wonder if you could swap all the electronic ignition off a 582, and fit to the back of (any) half flat motors? Not only a smaller more compact magneto system, but you get an alternator as well 😏
  4. Not really sure this is an 'alternative' to a half VW? Even if you cut the biggest VW in half (2400cc), you end up with a 1200cc chaff cutter, and when you consider that half an 0-200 is a 1600cc, why not just use a 1600cc VW? Probably around the same weight, would run smoother and use about the same fuel. That said, for similar weight again, you could use a 1200cc Rotax (912UL) and get 80hp with a more effective prop and only two thirds the fuel burn. If you only want 56hp, I'd probably go up to 65hp and use a Rotax582 for just under $9k, new in the box.
  5. Have just stumbled across this project, and it is eye-opening, although to my view, not altogether in a positive note. While I admit that, yes it will fly and it will be fast, when you look behind the hype and the droolable goodies, there are some questionable 'advances' being utilised in the design and manufacture of this project. I've only watched four or five of the videos, but each one set off the odd alarm bell, more in the cost and engineering concepts, rather than the build quality or production rate, which are inspiring. Have a look through the youtube channel; htt
  6. If you find anyone at @pylon500, it wont be me as I'm not on facebook
  7. According to the rumour mill, Jabiru made their own engine after the Israelis' bought up an entire years worth of KFM's production. This would suggest that there could be KFM spares to be sourced in Israel?
  8. Not everybody has facebook, but by the sounds of it, you were looking at this one...
  9. Tend to agree. Considering the age of the 912 I would assume there has beed room for improvement over the years... My personal thought is that Rotax made a mistake by not having a common crossflow head, which would have; a. Allowed one common head for the whole engine, b. Allowed the eventual creation of a six cylinder (worked for Jabiru). Obviously in todays market, the engine should be fuel injected as standard with a single throttle body. The new longer gearbox housing was a long time coming as well. Maybe a choice of gear ratios as well? Anyone know if Rotax still make 4:1 C or E box
  10. If you're feeling brave, maybe you want to have a go at this lot... https://airkmotors.com/?lang=en#moteurs
  11. Not sure which photos/movies Planet47 wanted to put up, but we have managed to get this far... (Didn't realise I shook this one till I blew it up) This is the first stage of folding the wings; Unpin rear spar fitting, roll wings forward (pictured), then swing wings back along fuse. The cutout inboard on the leading edge is where the tanks will go, and the open skin on top is just where we're accessing the spar fittings as it goes together. Can't actually swing the wings back yet as we've totally run out of room.
  12. Been there, done that. Safely landed a hanglider in a tree short of the planned paddock. Fell out of the tree and broke my wrist.
  13. Can't remember if it was Chuck Yeager or Bob Hoover said, "Find the softest thing around, and crash into that."
  14. I think a lot of the improvement comes from the fact that the 912is doesn't have carbi's! It's fuel injected. Not to highlight ancient technology, but with good EGT's and mixture control, the old Lycosuarus's probably doesn't do too bad, but remember, your driving an engine more than twice the size of a Rotax, for the same power.
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