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  1. pylon500


    Time Left: 20 days and 16 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED - GOOD

    On the scrounge for a 2 blade Warp drive hub (blades optional) Got some 3 blade Warps for 912ULS, but want to set up a 2 blade on an 80horse 912 (don't really want to cut blades down) Lets see what you've got...


  2. Hi I sent you an email about this aircraft

    1. pylon500


      Ay Bones, caught your email, but have been a bit tied up.

      There's a couple looking at the Jab tail dragger, but I'll send you the owners number and see what happens.

      Trevor Burns- 0427 563 274.

    2. bones


      Thanks Trevor, it seems every time I find something I like it’s gone πŸ˜‚Β 

    3. pylon500


      Sorry, didn't explain. I'm not Trevor, I just ran the add for him (age and computers...)

      Try his number and see what happens.

  3. pylon500

    Rare Ultralight

    Time Left: 20 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEAR NEW

    Advertising for a friend without good internet... Rare Ultralight for sale. J200 kit built as a taildragger and fitted with a Lycoming 0_233. Second (or third?) Jabiru kit built by owner, wanted reliable long range transport with carrying capability, but is finding it harder to find time to fly (is getting back into restoring cars). Looking for offers around $65k.


    Taree area - AU

  4. Yes, still instructing, building, trying to figure out how to build another hangar, writing (no, I've basically given up on that now), and trying to get back into adding to forums...
  5. Busy, busy, busy and finally got a chance to come back here... Just looking at the pop rivet problem, I've only ever bought cheap tools and have run across this regularly with rivet guns. Oddly enough even the 'el-cheapo' guns will probably have the hardened jaws, and I find the problem is not so much with the jaws, but with the cheaper quality of the nickel(?) plating on the rivet stems, which tends to shave off in minute flakes and after reasonable use, builds up in the jaw grooves until the first 'slip'. After that the slippage becomes more frequent thus shaving off mo
  6. Just a heads up to people out there doing their own thing, orange baffle rubber (and I think orange fire-sleeve) does not like fuel and will break down. History; While refuelling a Savanah, I would typically unscrew the fuel cap and sit it on the wing next to the filler neck. This one time, as I picked up the cap, I found a piece of orange 'rubber' sitting on the wing? Looking under the cap I discovered someone had manufactured 'gaskets' for under the cap, made of glass reinforced baffle rubber (a neoprene I think), checking the other caps I found they were all falling apar
  7. I think you guys are in the wrong thread, this is the airspace debacle, not the 95:10 debacle, you should be over here;
  8. Progress is slow, but happening. Just thought I'd throw this in for an update. As you can see from the second photo, space is at a premium.πŸ™
  9. I guess it would have been this one... https://aeropedia.com.au/content/aero-at-3/
  10. G'day all, just going a little sideways here for a second... Found a new airstrip register site, and wonder if anybody (in Tassie) knows the owner? https://landingareas.com.au/ It looks pretty, but as soon as people see you have to log in to use it, most will just move on. Owner should at least have a contact detail (email) so people can update his info, and figure out how to register to log in...πŸ€”
  11. VH-PIG has been a range of aircraft including a C-150, a Pitts S2S, and a Vans RV-7A...
  12. 'VH-POX' That's interesting, I always thought VH-POX was either a Heinz CH300 or Tri-Z? It was a homebuilt made by a gynaecologist I had heard, sadly passed away last year 😱 And VH-POK appears to be a C-206, and other variations, PQX, PQK are also Cessna's. I wonder how recently the top photos were taken?
  13. Soar Aviation πŸ€” The girl built that BD5J long before Soar existed. Took this photo at Canberra early 2007.
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