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  1. VH-PIG has been a range of aircraft including a C-150, a Pitts S2S, and a Vans RV-7A...
  2. 'VH-POX' That's interesting, I always thought VH-POX was either a Heinz CH300 or Tri-Z? It was a homebuilt made by a gynaecologist I had heard, sadly passed away last year 😱 And VH-POK appears to be a C-206, and other variations, PQX, PQK are also Cessna's. I wonder how recently the top photos were taken?
  3. Soar Aviation 🤔 The girl built that BD5J long before Soar existed. Took this photo at Canberra early 2007.
  4. I think I saw an error in their advertising art;
  5. All 'specs' need to be taken with an American pinch of salt (a bucket). I have spoken to BD-5 owners, and the numbers, while still impressive are usually nowhere near Jim Bede's comments. Stalls are typically between 65~85kts, depending on wing type (four or five to choose from, A, B, D, J & S). Quoting one owner; My BD-5a, first flew in June 1997 after four and a half years of construction. It was a third hand, untouched partial kit when I bought it for $500. This isn't an easy plane to build, but aftermarket support and parts are available. No complete kits were deliv
  6. "Oh ye of little faith..." Anyone remember that one?
  7. I agree with this statement BUT, not the other way around. The Drifter is one of the most benign tail draggers out there, it's a good stepping stone into tail wheel, but being able to fly one wouldn't guarantee being able to fly something like a Skyfox. Never flown a tailwheel Corby, so don't know what they are like on the ground?
  8. Thinking Sapphires, who would be interested in buying up the production? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/goornong/miscellaneous-goods/unique-opportunity-3-complete-aircraft-moulds-jigs-templates/1267852166 Don't look at me, I've already have too many projects...
  9. Having Rotax deny sales to Turkey, or any other country that could be similarly labeled is a moot point as said manufacturers will simply go to the Chinese clone company and buy their Rotax's from them.
  10. [quote]we should ask the regulator for a map of where our little aeroplanes can fly.[/quote] 'You don't fit into our grand scheme boxes, we don't want you to fly, now go away...'
  11. Which is weird because that thread is General Aviation, while the discussion is obviously a Governing Bodies topic?
  12. 'Welcome to OneSky™ Australia, where we want everyone to be included.' To be included in 'OneSky'™ will cost you about ten thousand dollars per aircraft for initial installation, An annual fee will be paid to 'OneSky'™ to register each of your required devices, You will have to comply with all 'OneSky'™ decision changes as they come, If you wish to leave your circuit area you will need a flightplan lodged with 'OneSky'™, With 'OneSky'™, you will be safely integrated with; •Military aircraft, •International Airlines, •Civilian Airlines, •Regional f
  13. I'm surprised there's not a raging debate going on here? I guess that since ultralights all died off, we;re all happily flying around in our $200K sport planes, with dual coms, dual nav, ADSB transponders , FLARM (for good measure) and Avmaps/Ozrunways flight following. Who needs to bother looking outside anymore...? *Please refer to this thread;* Oops, removes foot from mouth and moves on...
  14. Yes, convex, or as we used to say, 'up in the bowl' or bell. As someone commented, you could thermal tightly up into the bowl, then punch out through the side, and provided it was a singular cumulus cloud, you would be out in a few seconds. REALLY not a good idea in a street 😱 As for instruments, most Blaniks (and IS-28's) came fitted with a battery powered 2 1/4" turn coordinators (Bat and Ball), that seemed to work fairly well. 🤔 But yeah, wouldn't want to be ridge soaring with all that cumulogranite around.
  15. We're open to ideas to remove plastic from alloy, but often the problem is UV degradation caused, believe it or not, by fluro lighting, which make the plastic brittle and can no longer be peeled off as it just breaks into little pieces. •Heatguns work to a fashion, but a very narrow temperature is needed between having no effect, to becoming a (hot) sticky goo. •Thinners and metho do absolutely nothing, except maybe dry the plastic and make it harder. •Turps will attack the adhesive and will sort of work on very old plastic as it becomes somewhat permeable, but if only 'partiall
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