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  1. Not everybody has facebook, but by the sounds of it, you were looking at this one...
  2. Tend to agree. Considering the age of the 912 I would assume there has beed room for improvement over the years... My personal thought is that Rotax made a mistake by not having a common crossflow head, which would have; a. Allowed one common head for the whole engine, b. Allowed the eventual creation of a six cylinder (worked for Jabiru). Obviously in todays market, the engine should be fuel injected as standard with a single throttle body. The new longer gearbox housing was a long time coming as well. Maybe a choice of gear ratios as well? Anyone know if Rotax still make 4:1 C or E box
  3. If you're feeling brave, maybe you want to have a go at this lot... https://airkmotors.com/?lang=en#moteurs
  4. Not sure which photos/movies Planet47 wanted to put up, but we have managed to get this far... (Didn't realise I shook this one till I blew it up) This is the first stage of folding the wings; Unpin rear spar fitting, roll wings forward (pictured), then swing wings back along fuse. The cutout inboard on the leading edge is where the tanks will go, and the open skin on top is just where we're accessing the spar fittings as it goes together. Can't actually swing the wings back yet as we've totally run out of room.
  5. Been there, done that. Safely landed a hanglider in a tree short of the planned paddock. Fell out of the tree and broke my wrist.
  6. Can't remember if it was Chuck Yeager or Bob Hoover said, "Find the softest thing around, and crash into that."
  7. I think a lot of the improvement comes from the fact that the 912is doesn't have carbi's! It's fuel injected. Not to highlight ancient technology, but with good EGT's and mixture control, the old Lycosuarus's probably doesn't do too bad, but remember, your driving an engine more than twice the size of a Rotax, for the same power.
  8. Couldn't really tell you actual weights, but the 233 is a lightweight version of the 235, not sure what they did, but I think they were aiming it at the LSA market.
  9. Don't know a whole lot about Lycomings, but I suspect the power output is just related to what rpm you want to operate it at? Been a few years since I flew this, but I thought take off was around 2700?
  10. Just a s a side note for anyone interested, there is an extensively modified (but finished and flying) J200 possibly coming up for sale. Mods include; Tailwheel conversion. Lycoming 0-233 installed. Original ignition replaced with full electronic. Auto pilot. Enlarged tailplane. I've got a few hours in this thing, and it's a beast! Can't remember the cruise speed, but in excess of 100kts (like 120Kts?) Owner is getting ready to fully retire with back problems, which make getting in and out, as well as sitting for long periods of time, a bit painful.
  11. ? Sorry, a little confusion there... The above photo is a view out of the Wasp, the Hornet has a centre vertical brace in the windscreen, and as can be seen, this is a side by side aircraft. Quick bit of (unofficial) history. Ole's first product was the Hornet STOL, which is the highwing, two seat side by side taildragger, and still in production. He then made the Wasp which is a mid wing, two seat side by side tricycle gear, notable for it's forward swept wings to get the pilots in front of the main spar for visibility. (Discontinued) His next machine was the Bushman, which was an ove
  12. Anyone else see my attachments? I just get the oops message... As for J3300 vs R912s weights, the totally installed and running weight of the 912s is probably just a little higher than the 3300 after you add two radiators, coolant and an oil tank. Obviously a 914 would be heavier again. I know there's been a few '100' series Jabs with 912's fitted, and balance was a problem, but the length of a J230 hardly notices it. Going to repost the attachments just in case... (I think last time I must have hit Preview instead of Post)
  13. For a start, you don't need to go to the expense of a 914 when cross fitting. I flew an original J230 down to have the Rotax mod done to it, a 912s was installed, it was test flown (by me), and then ferried back to it's owner. With the 912s, the performance was basically the same, it could cruise at 115kts if pushed, although I tend to be a little more casual and (as shown in attached) would sit on 105kts @ 4930rpm. Some like to push 912's harder, and they'll take it, but in the 5000 rpm range they only drink around 16Lph. This aircraft would also climb at 1200fpm @ 70kts with no risk of o
  14. Had a dig and found this photo while having a quiet cruise around in a Wasp. Numbers and stability speak for themselves. Don't know why the EGT's were so high?
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