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  1. Just a heads up to people out there doing their own thing, orange baffle rubber (and I think orange fire-sleeve) does not like fuel and will break down. History; While refuelling a Savanah, I would typically unscrew the fuel cap and sit it on the wing next to the filler neck. This one time, as I picked up the cap, I found a piece of orange 'rubber' sitting on the wing? Looking under the cap I discovered someone had manufactured 'gaskets' for under the cap, made of glass reinforced baffle rubber (a neoprene I think), checking the other caps I found they were all falling apar
  2. I think you guys are in the wrong thread, this is the airspace debacle, not the 95:10 debacle, you should be over here;
  3. Progress is slow, but happening. Just thought I'd throw this in for an update. As you can see from the second photo, space is at a premium.🙁
  4. I guess it would have been this one... https://aeropedia.com.au/content/aero-at-3/
  5. G'day all, just going a little sideways here for a second... Found a new airstrip register site, and wonder if anybody (in Tassie) knows the owner? https://landingareas.com.au/ It looks pretty, but as soon as people see you have to log in to use it, most will just move on. Owner should at least have a contact detail (email) so people can update his info, and figure out how to register to log in...🤔
  6. Maybe talk to Ole at Australian Aircraft Kits ...
  7. VH-PIG has been a range of aircraft including a C-150, a Pitts S2S, and a Vans RV-7A...
  8. 'VH-POX' That's interesting, I always thought VH-POX was either a Heinz CH300 or Tri-Z? It was a homebuilt made by a gynaecologist I had heard, sadly passed away last year 😱 And VH-POK appears to be a C-206, and other variations, PQX, PQK are also Cessna's. I wonder how recently the top photos were taken?
  9. Soar Aviation 🤔 The girl built that BD5J long before Soar existed. Took this photo at Canberra early 2007.
  10. I think I saw an error in their advertising art;
  11. All 'specs' need to be taken with an American pinch of salt (a bucket). I have spoken to BD-5 owners, and the numbers, while still impressive are usually nowhere near Jim Bede's comments. Stalls are typically between 65~85kts, depending on wing type (four or five to choose from, A, B, D, J & S). Quoting one owner; My BD-5a, first flew in June 1997 after four and a half years of construction. It was a third hand, untouched partial kit when I bought it for $500. This isn't an easy plane to build, but aftermarket support and parts are available. No complete kits were deliv
  12. "Oh ye of little faith..." Anyone remember that one?
  13. I agree with this statement BUT, not the other way around. The Drifter is one of the most benign tail draggers out there, it's a good stepping stone into tail wheel, but being able to fly one wouldn't guarantee being able to fly something like a Skyfox. Never flown a tailwheel Corby, so don't know what they are like on the ground?
  14. Thinking Sapphires, who would be interested in buying up the production? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/goornong/miscellaneous-goods/unique-opportunity-3-complete-aircraft-moulds-jigs-templates/1267852166 Don't look at me, I've already have too many projects...
  15. Having Rotax deny sales to Turkey, or any other country that could be similarly labeled is a moot point as said manufacturers will simply go to the Chinese clone company and buy their Rotax's from them.
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