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RAA call for nominations - elections


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Financial members are invited to nominate (vide Constitution Item 13) for the following Board vacancies:




Northern Queensland




South Queensland (No.2)




Victoria (No.2)




New South Wales (No.1)




New South Wales (No.3)








Northern Territory




Members may obtain a corrected nomination form from the RA-Aus website http://www.raa.asn.au/2014/05/call-for-nominations-group-a/




Please note the South Australian position is not part of this Group A election (as indicated – incorrectly – in the May 2014 Sport Pilot insert). Completed Nomination Forms (included with pre-paid envelopes in this issue) and Election Statements must be received at the Association’s Head Office before c.o.b. on Friday, 13th June 2014




Candidates for positions as Board Members of the Association shall be entitled to submit an election statement for publication both on the Association’s website, and in Sport Pilot magazine at no cost to the candidate. Statement requirements are set out in By-Law 4. Typewritten Statements can either be posted to our Head Office, or forwarded by email (together with the candidate’s Nomination Form) to [email protected], prior to the nomination close at c.o.b. EST on Friday, 13th June 2014.




The statement must include a declaration of all income, remuneration or honoraria deriving from aviation related interests. Such organisations shall include those of sole trader, partnership, unincorporated association, incorporated association or limited liability company. In keeping with the Board’s governance role, Statements should primarily and specifically address the nominee’s expertise and experience of policy and strategy development, implementation and review. Nominees are also asked to provide a recent digital portrait image suitable for online publication.




After close of nominations, all statements received shall be printed in Sport Pilot magazine and on the Association’s website, in alphabetical order (by surname).






Mark Clayton


Public Officer



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