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finally updated my blog...

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A great read Adam.


I felt exactly the same taking my daughter as my first passenger. The feeling of responsibility was pretty intense. Far more than when flying solo.


I pretty much go through the same procedures with helping passengers feel comfortable and involved. I explain that it is a team sport and that the are an active crew member when it comes to spotting traffic.


As someone who was terrified of flying for all of my adult life, the last thing I would want is for them to be scared. For me, knowledge overcomes fear, which is why I became a pilot.


I will make the following points.


I do a walk around with my passenger and tell them what I am looking for. Then I ask them to stand back and not interrupt while I do the real pre flight checks. I have my own order of doing things and need to fully concentrate.


I also explain to the passenger on downwind that I will shortly be pulling the engine power back to idle. It frightened my wife the first time she flew with me, she thought the engine had failed.


On base, I will mention that if for any reason I am not 100% happy with how the landing looks, I will be applying full power and going around, even if the wheels have touched. I explain that it is perfectly normal, and that we practice it.


I also let the passenger know that we can't chat until we have taxied back to the hangar. It can be distracting when they think the flight is over as soon as the wheels touch.


I am sure others will be able to add their wisdom with regards to ensuring passengers enjoy their flight.


Keep up with good work with the blog.





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