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  1. good to know! I just got that whole routine ingrained, hadn't stopped to think sometimes it isn't necesary! Thanks Scott
  2. in-air is the best way, they're happy to help. Something like "Melbourne Centre, Jabiru 1234 at xxxx feet overhead (town)... just confirming Restricted Area Romeo 555 currently inactive" should get you what you need. Check NOTAMS first of course, but that will get you the latest, and breaks up the monotony :)
  3. I flew from Busselton WA to Sunshine Coast and was not asked for it in any of the places I stopped in the 5 days, including YBSU. Still, would hate to get pulled up without it, but still have never once been asked for it even walking around Bankstown.
  4. I am gutted to read this after being off the forum for awhile. Ross was always a mentor to me, though he never knew it... i knew he was a man and an aviator to be looked up to from his posts, and this saddens me greatly to hear. Take care friends.
  5. leaning tower of pizza?
  6. Hey Col, I see it in my thread and in your reply, are you able to get to the link? Yeah I left 2 weeks ago, sorry we didn't get to catch up. Are you back?
  7. It's my new home. Was just checking out the airfield today.
  8. I was paying 2-2.20/l. Where did you see it at 1.43?? No, its at the Sherman Municipal Airport in Sherman, TX.
  9. think you'll find its her right one. If you're lucky.
  10. Haha, I love QI.. but that one came from an astronomy doco I watched the other day. planey, I think its true
  11. That act was one of the "lessons" i could never complete on Microsoft Flight Sim X. Can't imagine how tough it would be in real life!!
  12. wow cruising along at 90-100kts or so... feels alot faster on the road!
  13. I dunno.. i kinda like it... looks very sci fi, like some of the old beat up craft in Star Wars or similar
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