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  1. [MEDIA=audio]http://traffic.libsyn.com/goflying/Go_Flying_Australia_Podcast_039.mp3[/MEDIA] In this podcast I Interview Errol von Rensburg who is the Australian distributor of South African built Sling aircraft. Click here to visit the podcast show notes Subscribe via Itunes here
  2. Gday! What aircraft are you flying?
  3. Thanks for listening as far as you got! Hopefully I can get you interested for the next episode.
  4. [MEDIA=audio]http://traffic.libsyn.com/goflying/Go_Flying_Australia_Podcast_033.mp3[/MEDIA] On the latest episode I talk with: Michael Monck – Chairman of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAUS). We talk about two game changing proposals from RAAUS who are looking to increase the Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) of aircraft that it administers and to enable its members to fly their aircraft in controlled airspace. We also talk about the controversial restrictions which were placed on Jabiru powered aircraft and also about a couple of close calls which Michael has had in his time as a pilo
  5. [MEDIA=audio]http://traffic.libsyn.com/goflying/Go_Flying_Australia_Podcast_032.mp3[/MEDIA] On the latest episode of the podcast I talk with Dan Compton, an ex RAAF and RFDS pilot who has recently started his own flight school called Wings Out West based at Dubbo. At his flight school Dan has combined many passions into one. Dan plys his trade as an instructor in bright yellow Legend Cub aircraft teaching his students not only the syllabus but also some bush flying along the way. It is clear from talking with Dan that his biggest passion in life is helping young people and in this interv
  6. At a small private strip the other day at a fly inn the aircraft due to depart before us decided to do his run up right on the threshold. I found this very odd. I know the chance of being hit by a landing aircraft was low but just from a self preservation perspective I would personally stay off of a runway unless I absolutely have to be on one. That being said I'm only a junior pilot and might be wrong in this respect.
  7. [MEDIA=audio]http://traffic.libsyn.com/goflying/Go_Flying_Australia_Podcast_031.mp3[/MEDIA] Today on the show I talk with Bill Weeks who has over 4,000 hours of experience instructing in a broad range of General and Recreational Aircraft. Bill currently is the Chief Flying Instructor at Golden Plains Aviation based at Lethbridge in Victoria. This was really was one of my favourite interviews and if you are anything like me you will find many lessons learnt in some of Bill’s experiences. Issues which were discussed - What do you guys think? - RAAUS raising the MTOW (good idea?) -
  8. Congratulations! What a great school you have found as well.
  9. Great work on getting started. Your going to love it!
  10. W Gday Sean, Awesome work on the solo at such a young age. It seemed like a great landing. How do you like the sling?
  11. http://www.goflying.net/go-flying-australia-podcast-020-flight-training-takes-off-at-soar-aviation.html
  12. Thanks, i appreciate you taking the time to listen. If your interested I have a group on Facebook which you can join called 'Go Flying Australia Podcast Friends' where I get ideas and help from listeners to put together the show. Cheers
  13. What do you think of the new low wing Tecnam Astore and high wing P2008 LSA's? [MEDIA=audio]http://traffic.libsyn.com/goflying/Go_Flying_Australia_Podcast_029.mp3[/MEDIA] Click here for the show notes Click here to Subscribe via iTunes Today on the show I talk with Gerard Kitt who is the proud owner of a Tecnam P2002 Sierra. Such was his love for Tecnam aircraft Gerard decided to become a Tecnam distributor with an office based at Cessnock airport in the Hunter Valley. You may have heard of Tecnam aircraft such as the high wing p92 and the low wing p2002 which have long been used
  14. Thanks so much. Im glad someone is listening!
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