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  1. More on the SR-71, Colonel Jim Shelton.
  2. She should be pleased it is the year of the Dog, not the year of the Ox.
  3. I suggested to the wife about re-enacting the weekend when our first child was conceived. She said, "That would be great, I haven't been to see my sick out of town friend for ages."
  4. First image was on a friend's Facialbook page so I made the second in response.
  5. I have noticed a decay in driving standards.
  6. Phil's picture has been reversed, or maybe because we are looking at it from underneath? Google map link.
  7. It turns out you can't include the children inside checked luggage, who knew?
  8. In all fairness Bex, a 1 m fence in China is equivalent to a 1.8 m fence in Australia.
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