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Melboure - Merimbula - Canberra - Melbourne

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It's the time of year when you would need to be sure of exceptionally good weather. Clouds and high peaks don't fit comfortably but be extra careful of turbulence and rotors if the wind is up.


It's much shorter over tiger country to go from Merimbula to Moruya and then to Canberra, but I think I would go Merimbula to Polo Flat and follow the Monaro north if I ever did fly it.


I try not to fly across tiger stuff but sometimes you can't do much about it. I'm off to Alice for a conference in a couple of weeks then going north to Mataranka before turning right to Normanton then south to Longreach, Bourke and home.


The stretch from YMKA to YNTN covers a very isolated area with lots of water and creepy crawlies, and not much else. I'm a little nervous about that leg because if the noise stops I may well not get the Auster back home. But I'm excited about it, too.


I love the remote areas and can't make my mind up whether I prefer the semi-arid interior or the tropical north most.





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My suggestion as a local and for the easiest (and more scenic route):


Merimbula to Moruya: Coastal (Radio Freq at Merimbula and Moruya is 126.7, enroute if you can monitor both area (120.75) and 126.7 do that, otherwise most people tend to stick to 126.7 because its not a huge distance and you can generally hear ops at both airports)


Moruya to Canberra: Almost Direct via Captains Flat - Head up the Araluen Valley (keep the radio tower on your right at the start of the valley, there is a grass strip halfway up the valley which is a one way strip and about 800m long, if you need to use it in an emergency, stay over the cleared area to the south and approach the strip from the south, and you will want extra height in the valley, so 6500 or 8500) until you get to the Captains Flat VFR Waypoint and then into Canberra.


The ERSA is your friend for Canberra, give them a call for GA Parking and use of the GA Terminal.


As a side note, if you were to go Merimbula to Polo Flat instead, be aware of Frogs Hollow Airfield approx 10nm north west of Merimbula (direcly south of Bega township about 5nm)



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