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    Antoinette V16

    That is a work of art...beautiful!
  2. You will get the police excited if you go from Melbourne to Mangalore which is in Strathbogie, not Mitchell.
  3. As a guide, the ATO provides a report for 2016-2017 stating average income for male lawyers is $143, 206 and for females is $106,475. I manage a firm with 11 staff And my salary is in line with the average for women. I have an Honours degree in Law, a Science degree, a post-grad diploma in legal practice and three other diplomas (real ones, not purchased). Women predominate in community legal centres as they do in social work roles because, as the Fair Work Commission found, we have A significant gender-based remuneration gap and men aren’t interested in applying in any numbers. We have two ve
  4. It’s strange to me how we still have men denying the reality that women live with. Women haven’t had it so good that they still earn not much more than 80% of the male wage, they represent just a small fraction of those on corporate boards, they are more than 85% of victims of domestic violence, during Covid they have been five times more likely to have care of the children, and 22% of women compared to 5% of men have experience sexual harassment in the workplace.
  5. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-29/airservices-australia-overhaul-bullying-sexual-harassment-cases/12298854
  6. the Mark 1 was the pilot killer. Wing dropping close to stall or on sudden application of power for a go-around were early problems. Mark 2 onwards more stable and better undercarriage. US Marines weren’t happy and preferred their Hellcats. The Brits and NZ Corsair F4’s ended up doing a lot of carrier work in the islands and very effectively, too. Pretty quick on the flat (tad faster than a Mustang) but amazing acceleration in a dive at over 4 tonnes empty and up to 6 tonnes loaded, achieved speeds of up to 550 kn before damage to controls which made it a dive and zoom Zero killer (But not
  7. There’s a Corsair at Tyabb. Just recently had a bit of a repair job after a wheels up but flying again. The best account of Flying and fighting in Corsairs that I’ve read is “Carrier Pilot”, an autobiography by Norman Hanson. Really well worth adding it to your library. the Yanks found them a handful but the Brits tamed them for carrier work. kaz
  8. Just don‘t inhale or handle TCE without PPE. It’s carcinogenic, has anaesthetic properties and, worst of all, can set up alcohol intolerance. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/trichloroethylene
  9. Thanks Bob. Looking at houses and units. Did look at something bigger for live aboard but decided I’d need a house for when I’m old and feeble. Bigger berths are very scarce, too. The boat I’m looking at is under 10 metres but very suitable for outside work and camping out for a few days at a time. The ARO has spoken to the property people and there is a spot in the Bellman available If the Auster hasn’t gone. It will be like losing an arm when it goes but it’s been fun while it lasted.
  10. Well, I’m looking at retirement and a move to the Gippsland Lakes. I’ll probably have to sell the Auster. I have a nice cabin cruiser with 400 hp on twin legs in mind so I’m refreshing my Marine Certificate of Competency and trying to remember how to navigate on water rather than in the air. I've still got my dividers, parallel rule etc and the theory is much the same. But a lot more obstacles to collide with at the same HASL as the hull! Boat has two radios, two sounders, chart plotter but no radar at this stage. Have to fix that. I just purchased a very neet chart app for the iPad which c
  11. Me too. Still keep it in the side pocket along with pencil, eraser, protractor and ruler. Charts in the flight bag.
  12. Our HF SSB used to get very whoopy when there was solar activity. Played hell with reception on the lower frequencies generally used for School of Air and the Galah sessions.
  13. I always love ADF when I lived Outback In the 70s. Tuned into ABC at Paraburdoo, Newman, Meeka you couldn’t get too misplaced...and you kept up with the news as well!
  14. I read one of the US newsletter that the Oshkosh has been cancelled. Anyone else? just found this https://fox6now.com/2020/05/01/disappointment-eaa-airventure-oshkosh-2020-canceled-due-to-covid-19-pay
  15. You’ve got aeroplane AND horses. You must be very poor!
  16. I think SA has done well but you need to factor in population density to get a real comparison. I like the fact he has hung out about any relaxation at this time because a second spike is a real possibility if we do it too early. That said, there are aspects of the shutdown that don’t make sense when examined in isolation. Treating bike-riding and recreational flying differently is one of them.
  17. Seems to me that Victoria has handled the pandemic really well. Recreational flying is not illegal but you commit an offence travelling for being away from home without a valid reason. my Aeroclub has written to State and Federal members proposing that travelling from home for the purpose of maintenance and engine health flights should be permitted (Copy of the relevant Lycoming documents provided). Good reaction from both and awaiting a formal response. kaz
  18. Yes Nev. 0-320 160 hp. i maintained 7000‘ so I had something in hand and the Twr gave me an extra 1000’ into the Alice as a precaution so I stayed in C all the way from the Sixteen Mile. They also were very kind allowing me to choose the runway. Old aeroplanes always arouse extra interest ? They invited me up to the tower later on and we had a good chat about life there and things aviation. I actually know the area reasonably well as I worked up there in the late 80’s and was grateful for the clearance rather than Bond Springs. And have been back a few times since with different dramas
  19. I can relate to that Yenn. About 7 years ago, I was en route Tennant to the Alice when engine began to run roughly. I called Melb Centre to let them know and decided to track along the highway instead of taking the direct line. I was convinced it was a plug and fiddled around until I found it ran best at 2550 and full rich. Mistake under pressure 1. I then got distracted watching the stream of school holiday traffic and contemplating where I’d land if the noise stopped. Thoughts of answering the regulator’s questions, the questions from the police and the TV reporters was front of mind.
  20. Hi Nev I would love a photo of your bats If you can get one. If they are in your shed, I’m guessing they are the tiny ones smaller than a mouse (microchiroptera), not fruit bats. You are actually really lucky to have them around. They keep the mossies and moths down so you and your fruit and veggies will benefit. kaz
  21. My Aeroclub committee has written to local Federal and State MPs reiterating contents of AOPA letter to PM and asking for approval to conduct maintenance flights one-up to comply with engine manufacturers’ Recommendations. suggest as many as possible do likewise.
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