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  1. The engine though would only need to be a six of the hp required here.
  2. Wilbur and Orville Wright used to take it in turns to do the test flying/crashing of the Kittyhawk. After the 13th crash, after extricating himself from the wreckage... Wilbur was heard to say to Orville “All this (gesture to the wreckage) just to bonk a few hostess’s!”
  3. Very nice to have CHT & EGT for all cylinders, only if you’re flying behind a machine that has manual mixture control. IMHO
  4. Some say that flying the Bou was the best fun you could have with your pants on!
  5. Many years ago my mates flew our caged canary to Pearce from Richmond. Later, I was told the canary could withstand a 60 degree bank turn ok, but.... anything more and her little legs collapsed on her perch. Needless to say after a 3 day Caribou flight to her home the little yellow canary never sang again! No earmuffs and she was deaf as a post!
  6. No, but I had to put the bolt in from below as the cap (taller than original) must be placed in the freezer before knocking it in the TW. Nylocked and split pinned through the bolt. Apologies, do you mean the bolts holding the spring leaf to the fuselage?
  7. Howdy, Finally worked out the TW is basically a pre 1976 Maule type. Caps not available any more but the ‘wings’ and ‘pin’ and it’s bearing are available. The local metal shop lathed a new cap. Great job!
  8. Thanks for the photo! Visited Coastal, didn’t see Stowe, no help. Have since sent photo to Maule direct, my tw assembly (not the wheel) appears to be a pre 1976 tw. Cap is not available (I found a plastic temporary one atm) sizing now different. The cap is presently the only requirement, as you say the locking bearing and pins etc are the same for mine. The internal main bearing (when it gets worn) will be required to be made here in a lathe shop. Aircraft Spruce show the breakdown of parts, and they also confirm no caps available. I am currently talking with a mate who rebuilds old ca
  9. Trying to get to the bottom of it, I agree looks like early maule but the fork arghhhhh!
  10. Thanks onetrack, unfortunately I tried that but the tag disintegrated ? I’m inclined to think it’s a maule type, however I haven’t seen a ‘fork’ type tw on all the websites I’ve been active in.
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