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Frogs Hollow airstrip QLD

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The ALA at Frogs Hollow (10nm. nth. of YTDR ) is now 110_closed.gif.a392821970f4971bbab8b2a27aea78f5.gif permanently.087_sorry.gif.8f9ce404ad3aa941b2729edb25b7c714.gif


A portion of the property, 700 acres, has been sold and unfortunately the house, hangar and airstrip were in that portion so please replace the Frogs Hollow co-ords of S 24*49.35 E 150*08.39 and insert our new place of abode along with our new strip, unfortunately the strip here is only 450mtr. so it will be a bit short for your twin, Steve. We are about 5 to 6nm. south of Frogs Hollow, the strip is the same orientation as Frogs Hollow and is right by the house at.....S 24*58.3 E 150*05.4 the strip falls away to the south, preferred approach is for '35' as it's uphill. If coming in from the north, there is a single power line runs east / west across the end of the strip, it's no real worry, but it's best to know that it's there. We are a couple of mile south east of the quarry, in among the leucaena.


This property is owned by Dave Jewell, who flys a Trike and has done for many years, but is starting to do his three axis training, I don't think it will take him long as he is very comfortable in my Lightwing


Cheers Davo.



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