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  1. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 95-10 how about a ‘resurgem’ powered with the four cylinder 2stroke radial, take off and land 25kt cruise 50kt tricycle undercarriage Hyde. disc brakes, wet wings, trim and electric start $4,500ono. It’s sitting in my hangar, I’m now to heavy for it but am still flying the Lightwing. Also have a 447 sitting all wrapped up to keep the hornets out
  2. Hi Mark, when are you in Childers next? I’m over here now for a few days. Cheers mate, and a merry Christmas to you and wifey
  3. David I would still be interested in seeing it, photo if you can matey
  4. Sorry fellows, I’ve been out of action on and off for a while. I did have a look around and found it, but it’s not 80kts it’s 100kts, sorry for a bum steer
  5. Hi Mark...mate, I feel like a rite Dick-head over those headphones. I couldn't believe it when Roger handed them to me and showed me what the problem was. Sorry Mark, can I compensate you for the time you did?
  6. Hi Mark, I've got a 'dave clark' head set that's not putting anything into one side. Its a bit too fiddly for me to attack, would you have a go at them if I was to send them down to you? Thanks in advance Cheers Davo.
  7. Hi Yen, mate I'm pretty sure I have a 80 knot asi here in the hangar somewhere if you're looking for one. Cheers Davo
  8. Hi fellers, thanks for all the info. I got myself upside down under the instrument pannel today and started tracing the wiring back, I would get power then it would go out again ‍♂️([email protected]$;&$?) finally found the wire that's solderd onto the fuse holder had came unstuck from its solderd joint but was out of sight in the heat shrink, re-solderd and working that good you'd think it came from town. Cheers Davo
  9. OK thanks people, will be back at it on Wednesday, so will let you know what transpires
  10. have had two fuses blow over the last couple of weeks, I replaced one today and now I'm not receiving any power to the VHY (uhf works fine but now there's no lights coming on in vhf) it's a icon IC-A200. My question is, will I have to send the whole cradle and all the wiring away with it, or can I just send the radio off by itself? And if so, can anyone advise me on where to send it? Thanks in advance. Davo.
  11. Hi Kununurra, don't worry mate, it might sound like I'm doing it myself, sorry if it came over like that but anything I do, as in adjusting brakes etc. is thoroughly checked out by a level2. I know I'm only relatively low hour with just on 1000 hr. in logbook but am not one who does stupid things or takes risks. It's just that when I phoned the L2 he asked me what I had and he said OK that's alright, have a read of the papers that came with it as it won't hurt to know how they are set up, will try again to stick a pic. on here. Cheers Dave.
  12. Thanks Farri, sorry mate but I didn't explain things enough as I I was trying to put a photo of the back of the tacho on here and somehow the gate got knocked open and my query bolted out the gate.....what I didn't say was that I'm actually changing tachos over (old one buggerd) and wiring is all still there, but the new tac has no indication of what wires go to what blade? My wife googled what she could but no luck yet. Anything we found had four or more terminal blades on the back, and this one has three if I hook it up wrong I'm afraid it might let the smoke out
  13. received new tachometer. and instruction sheet is not much help It is a VDO 333015032x I have googled it and found the correct setting for the switches in the back of it to suit my 582 but haven't been able to find which terminal is + & - and which one is for the eng. pulse? Will try and add photos -----no I can't seem to work that bit out Can someone explain how I can do that please. I'm not real clever when it comes to these things
  14. Thank you Franko. Came through good and clear Cheers Davo.
  15. Hi Franco, I haven't been on this site for ages. And am just now reading through your post 'journey into nowhere' and if it's still available I'd like a copy if at all possible thank you in advance. Dave. [email protected]
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