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  1. Maybe we just have to face the fact that to get young people flying is like trying to interest them in steam trains. Lots of good stuff written above and yes nearly all of it true. Mortgages, both working to buy a lot of stuff we never needed puts recreational aviation and building way down the list. Forget trying to interest them in steam trains.
  2. Glad to see I'm not alone in clocking up the hours and the coin Dave. Where do you fly from? I fly from Gympie. In which aircraft did you do your training? I feel it's nice to communicate with someone around my age. That makes two things we have in common; flying and our age. If you ever want to talk flying my number is 0474 760 805. I get down the coast fairly regularly and would be happy to split a hire with you when you are passenger endorsed. If you get up this way I'll take you for a fly. I thought I would be not be short of people wanting to fly with me but learned qui
  3. Hi Dave How many hours did it take you? I'm interested because I'm 68 and it took me 18 to go solo. I was so disappointed in myself as I thought I'd be going solo in 7 or 8 ha ha ha!. I've just done my passenger endorsement. Don't have my log book with me but think I got my certificate around 30. Old age was the problem they tell me. I think because as older experienced people we see danger and pitfalls as young people don't. They just do it more or less blindly. Steve.
  4. Hi Mate. Know where The Oaks is. What is SRFC? Let me know how you go with your learning. I've just got my certificate and in the last week my passenger endorsement. It's nice to talk to people that are learning too. It's sort of like being in the same boat I guess.
  5. Hi There:welcome: What do you fly now as an RA pilot?
  6. Great to see you. Is HARS the aircraft museum at Albion Park? I offered to volunteer there 5 or 6 years ago and I had to pay to become a member before I could volunteer and got cheesed off. First time I've offered to give my time for nothing and been asked to pay for the privilege . In my opinion they do a good job but overate their own importance.
  7. Hi Mate Could you give us a little background to start the ball rolling. I find this a great site and someone always willing to chat. Anyhow WELCOME Steve.
  8. Hi Frank Glad to hear you and Fran are fine. Thanks for the photos. As I've been to your place I can relate to the them. I'm glad you're not flooded out. I've been trying to fly but the weather has clipped my wings. Went to the airstrip today and wind was in excess of 30 kts. Will give it a go Monday morning. Still chipping away at my hours for pax endorsement but weather has me stuffed as it has with a lot of people. Happy landings Frank.
  9. Hi Neil Tell us about yourself. Are you learning? Lots of stuff to read about on here and once you kick off with a thread people will start to reply. If you're learning like me you will get a lot of good tips from others. Always someone wanting to talk flying, Steve.
  10. Hey FrankI haven't heard from you. Are you ok? Are you flooded out? Steve
  11. Rusty Felt a little rude not offering my number. Look forward to meeting you and talking flying although it could be one sided. I don't think you'll learn much from me. Steve 0474760805
  12. Yeah Rusty I'll call you. Thanks. Aircraft looks good. Steve
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