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Summarized list of improvements to the 3300 engine?


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As I am on a quest to learn further about the J230D, most of my concerns are on the evolution of the Jabiru 3300 engine. Is there somewhere to be found a list of design improvements that have been made to the 3300? For instance, cooling fin changes to the heads (?...) and hydraulic valve lift along with I thought I saw somewhere that the alternator was improved as well (albeit that is an accessory). Is there a year by year bulleted list of changes inclusive up to the current production being built now?



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G'day Craig,


The very last page of the Jabiru Overhaul Manual summarises all the changes to date, by serial number..




There is another document that has changes by date, but hasn't been amended since 2009 as far as I can see.





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Craig, you may also be interested to follow-up on the CAMit developments to the Jabiru engine, depending on whether you are going to register a 230D as an LSA or an experimental: http://camitaeroengines.net/pages/new-camit-aero-engines.


You will find a lot of information in this thread: http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/camit-engines-anyone-got-one.114782/; since that thread ceased activity, there have been even more developments and CAMit are currently about to start a major programme of testing (intended to lead to certification) of their modified engines, though that will take some months to complete. The engine test cell required to conform to the test regime is under final commissioning work at the moment and should be ready to commence certification-level testing work in a few weeks; it has already undertaken a number of initial engine runs to ensure it can deliver the conditions and calibrated accuracy requirements necessary.


The status of CAMit certificated engines as a 'manufacturer's option' for an LSA aircraft rather than standard Jabiru engines is yet to be determined in Australia; however if I understand the situation correctly, Jabiru USA has an independent status as a 'manufacturer' in the USA for FAA purposes and it may be that it can accept the CAMit engine if it chooses to so do; you might find it useful to contact Jabiru USA and find out what their position is likely to be regarding the CAMit engine in the future as it may be an attractive alternative with the extensive modifications that it incorporates.



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