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Burra microlight hard landing?

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Nope don't think the windy conditions being above what a trike can handle were the issue (max 12kts gusting to max 18kts) IMHO it was rather the place he tried to land.........If you look at Burra on Google earth you'll see its wheat country with paddocks as far as the eye can see.....choosing to put down on a golf course that has trees in every direction ready to play havoc with wind at ground level is not at all ideal....IMHO Golf courses are a fantastic emergency landing choice when nothing else is available, if you do need to land on one, try and use the open areas not surrounded by trees as much as possible....pretty much the complete opposite of the Burra Golf course.....





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It's undulating country around Burra and most of the harvest hasn't begun yet , I was driving down through that area at the time of the prang and wind was gusty from the morth , 30 ish deg c


Was thinking a lousy day to fly ultralights.



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