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  1. Time lapse video showing the build of Kitfox. With all the quick-build options, the total build time from kit arrival to first flight was approximately 1,500 hours over 38 months. No prior aircraft build experience. Your mileage may vary.
  2. don't beat yourself up over small mistakes
  3. every new job requires a new set of skills to complete and an opportunity to screw it up
  4. every day Morrison looks like he wishes he never left Hawaii, you can just tell he only wants to govern for winners not homeless losers of which there are now several thousand. He knows this is the disaster that ruins his legacy.
  5. another bad day, I saw a video of David Littleproud saying that everything will be fine when it rains, which I suppose brought comfort to some.
  6. Since Xmas in NSW/Vic: 1 dead at Jingellic (firefighter) 2 dead at Cobargo NSW 1 missing presumed dead at Belowra 1 dead at Lake Cunjola 1 dead at Buchan 1 dead at Yatta Yatta 1 dead at Sussex Inlet 1 dead (unknown, found by paramedics) 1 missing at destroyed house, Lake Cunjola
  7. Insurance covering bushfires going to be expensive in regional cities now
  8. Ranking your preconfigured responses alphabetically is doing it without bias. I'm just pointing out the bias for those that don't see it, having SP at the top of the list is a huge head start.
  9. the majority of surveys respondents tend to click "all of the above" so by placing it #1 its guaranteed to be the #1 service, its not a bad strategy if you don't want to cut SP. If they'd placed it last, SP would be in a massive world of trouble. understanding bias is just part of critical thinking.
  10. pretty sneaky putting the magazine as the #1 priority on question 8
  11. Australia digs up and exports a 1/3 of the world's coal. QLD, NSW and Victoria state governments all rely on the billions that coal royalties brings in. Even the National party has decided to throw their lot in with the coal mining. We'll destroy agriculture before we stop mining coal
  12. the general gist of the video is that God's love is earnt and also tax deductible over $2
  13. This was a promoted video the YouTube advertising algorithm suggested for this morning, I wonder how many people clicked on the ad Y5MWErPKCgA
  14. I worked in IT during the Y2K bug hysteria and it was amazing how the media whipped up the general hysteria about its likely effects, planes falling out of sky and nuclear plants exploding. The IT industry was happy to comment and make suggestions that people get their systems inspected(?), Microsoft went as far as rebranding NT as 2000 to future proof business computers. On a retail level, smaller shops ringing customers and telling them that there 18 month old home PC is not "certified Y2K safe" and needs replacing. Its very hard for uninformed people to resist this sort of pressure (Fear
  15. I've not heard of the Juniper effect, the early seventies promoted a lot of weird conspiracy stuff I do remember the Chariots of the Gods film was amazing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chariots_of_the_Gods%3F
  16. its sad, very sad to see older people, people that have led interesting and exciting lives, who have had very sharp minds fall for these conspiracies. people that have never had any exposure to climate science promoting youtube theories. pride + ignorance is a powerful force.
  17. this is how conspiracy theorists work, they get in by telling you to look at the parts of the evidence that supports their theories. If you look at all the evidence, their conspiracy looks stupid. but of course, people once committed to an act of faith refuse to look at evidence.
  18. Malcolm Roberts is your classic conspiracy theorist, as his career unravels he digs himself deeper and deeper into fantasy to explain why the system is against him.
  19. what are the warmists doing that is so effective? I don't think you can save rural and regional Australia, its a waste of money to try and resist global warming. Even ScoMo and MickMack have accepted that reality.
  20. predicting droughts is easy, predicting when they break not so much.
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