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FREE online schematic tool

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By their nature, pilots that fly on their own ruble are always looking to save a dollar here and there. Those of us building planes are usually looking for ways to do things smarter, better, and faster. Put the two together and you tend to wind up with some pretty talented people.


The time has come to finalise my as-built electrical schematic and rather than try to hand-draw it, abit of Googling found DigiKey has a free, online tool that will allow you to do any number of drawings, complete with a database of electronic components so it looks just like it came from Stein!


It will export into PDF or PNG format, save it (if you're a registered user) for later use, print and even go so far as to compile a bill of materials for their own webstore, it's a pretty nifty tool all round.


Here's the website, enjoy!


And as a rough example, here's my complete electrical system after around 6 hours of research and drawing - including the first 3 hours lost after I didn't save it... You have the right side SkyView, ADAHRS, GPS and EMS modules, an Xcom VHF and a VP-X Sport as well as 2 PMag's, with all the wiring in the plane shown on the diagram.





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