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Getting to Avalon East


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Doing a bit of idle Sunday night dreaming/scheming/planning... If I were to fly from Bairnsdale to the Avalon east for the airshow, is it better to come via Portsea to the reporting point at Clifton Springs, or via the coastal route under Moorabbin and around the top of Port Philip to the other entry point over Point Cook?


To explain a little more, lots of "personal minimums" thinking has left me with a distinct desire to not fly over water - exiting a low wing, bubble canopy aircraft after it flips when the wheels touch the water doesn't seem like a terribly likely prospect. Anyhow, the south route over Clifton Springs requires travel over between 5 and 8nm of water at 1000ft which doesn't sound good. The apparent alternative - the coastal route south of Melbourne - at least allows up to 2500ft, but I suspect that there is precious little to glide to along there without landing in someone's front garden. I guess I could also skirt around to the north of the class C steps, but that would add a lot of time that I wouldn't really have to spare.


So, for the aquaphobic, which is the better solution? Is there one?


p.s. I presume from the lack of detail on the VTC that the coastal route is not as heavily prescribed as Sydney's Victor 1 route?



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I think your Tecnam Sierra would be a wonderful platform to carry you across Port Phillip Heads. If the weather is ok, the views along that portion of the coast are really splendid. Mind the little DA near HMAS Cerberus and take in the wildness of the Cheviot Beach area of the National Park where Harold Holt disappeared.


You could track Leongatha-Stony Point-Tankerville-Crib Point at A035 and then drop down for the coast and the Heads before stopping into Barwon Heads.


If you decide to go around the bay's Coastal Route make sure you have your Melbourne VTC open so you don't infringe on CTA abeam Moorabbin and up near Princes Pier. Call Melb Radar on 135.7 and let them know you are on your way. There are parachutists at Point Ormond and Brighton but MR will keep you safe.







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