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PA-28 down near Oban, Scotland

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Tribute has been paid to a Dundee GP and her engineer husband who died in a plane crash in Argyll.


Dr Margaret Ann Rous, who was 37, and her 28-year-old husband David Rous were killed when a light aircraft struck the ground in Glen Etive.


The couple from Newport-on-Tay had been flying their Piper Cherokee from Dundee to visit relatives on Tiree.


The emergency services had been alerted when contact was lost with the aircraft at about 13:50 on Saturday.


The weather in the area at the time contact was lost, was reported as low cloud, rain and mist around the area where the wreckage was finally located.


Police Scotland said the wreckage was discovered on the northern aspect of Glen Kinglass at 20:00, along with the remains of the two people on board.


Following the discovery of the wreckage, specialist officers remained at the scene in the Beinn nan Lus area of Glen Kinglass.


Inquiries are continuing into the cause of the accident.


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The media has not speculated on the cause of this one yet,. . . . local ( Hangarchat ) opinion here is CFIT, or disorientation . . . . very bad weather ( marginal VMC ) in the area at the time. . . . but since there is zero information about the pilot, and only a generic photo of a Piper Archer, that's not much in the way of grounds for guessing. Lovely couple though. . .what a bloody shame.



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