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Famous Recorded Peoples Sayings

Guest john

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There have only been 10 times in history that the following sayings have been recorded using the following unpublished word:


1. "What the fuxk do you mean, we are sinking?", Cap't E.J. Smith of RMS Titanic-1912


2. "What the fuxk was that?" Mayor of Hiroshima-1945


3. "Where did all those fuxking Indians come from?" Custer-1877


4. "Any fuxking idiot could understand that". Einstein-1938


5."It does so fuxking look like her". Picasso-1926


6. "How the fuxk did you work that out?" Pythagorus-124BC


7. "You want the fuxking ceiling"?" Michelangelo-1566


8. "Where the fuxk are we"? Amelia Earhart-1937


9. Scattered fuxking showers my ass " Noah-4314 BC


10." Aw, c'mon, who the fuxk is going to find out?" Bill Clintom-1998:oh yeah:



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I don't know guys, recently we, and I include me in that, have been lowering the standards a bit and we probably should up our game for Ian's sake. Ian says it's a Family Forum and we should respect his wishes to that effect.



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