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Brumby 610T - Sport Pilot, July

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This actually has nothing to do with the taildragger variant of the Brumby highwing 610, but everything to do with the pics of our tricycle model in Sport Pilot, July issue. I've never seen the 610T, much less flown it, and have absolutely no comment to make about it's abilities.


I'd like forum members to know that we never thought that providing the editor with some action pics of our aircraft would result in them being used, in what could only be considered a promotional article for the taildragger variant. It was never our intent that they be used in this way. At the very least, we would expect the common courtesy of asking first. Failing that - at least provide the RAAus readers with real details, (not facile comments), of the aircraft which appeared in 3 positions, quite dominating the article.


An unhappy poteroo.



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We had a Brumby 610 at Boonah for a very short time. It couldn't climb out of sight in a dark night apparently. The tecnams out performed it left, right and centre. Not to mention it was nearly 18 months too late in delivery. It was sold on very quickly. The hipe didn't turn into reality unfortunately.



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