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Here's an idea for a remote flying experience


We have just returned from a trip to a private strip out from Coober Pedy, and called in at Andamooka on the way back to Port Pirie. Sure is interesting country. I will attempt to post some pictures of Andamooka. The strip is a gibber-covered claypan, definitely dry weather only and with no facilities.


On the way north we fuelled at Olympic Dam (BHP- Billiton's mine village- note that prior permission is needed to use their strip) and had to avoid the Woomera restricted area as they are currently active there. Check out the current Notam for Woomera for a scary list of the possibilities one might encounter if too far off course!


Note that all this country is Designated Remote Area, and prescribed precautions need to be observed. When all you can see for 360 degrees is sand ridges, they all look the same!


All in all, a great trip



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Hi John




Your interesting description makes my pic, which is hardly unique and not very good quality, taken just 43 nm west of Narrandera on the northern edge of the Murrumbidgee River this afternoon seem pretty mundane. But it is showing some of what the drought is doing to this country.




I only had Wally's J230c for an hour so turned back to Narrandera about two minutes after this photo.




This part of the country would normally be about to hay off anyway after the normal spring flush of growth which would supply enough dry feed to take stock like sheep and cattle & kangaroos through to the autumn in 2008 - but this year it has not happened.






I look forwards to seeing any photos of that country that you flew over.









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