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Hi All,


After 4 yrs retired from round the world travel, professional flying, with precious little of any flying since (other than too much cattle class boredom), I'm looking for a way to fly again without using the tired ATP. Want to take the grandchildren flying. Considering buying, but have the usual problem. Money! Living in Adelaide and will probably try the Recreational scene, when I stop procrastinating, in preference to commercial GA. Joined RAA last year but haven't taken the plunge to actually get airborne. Have found great interest in this site. Quite an asset to RA. Hope I can be of assistance somewhere along the line to somebody with similar interests. Regards to all.



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Hi Neville


We visit our daughter, son-in-law and their two young boys periodically in a Sydney suburb where they have a car about two years old which they drive to work and or childcare. The car when about twelve months old had probably about six or seven dents and scrapes all around it.




Anyway the last time we were there the son in law quite seriously told me that my grandsons would never be allowed to fly in an ultralight let alone one that their grandfather was building.







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