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Final connection of fuel & breather lines.


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Do any of you blokes or blokettes have any tips about the best & most convenient way to make the final connection of the fuel lines & breathers & clamps within the wing root to the outside of the fuselage.




I only have about 12 mm clear at the bottom and approx 25 mm at the top and my fingers are fatter than that.




I was thinking of relieving the wing root adjacent to each fuel & breather connection point, as long as it is still hidden by the covers top and bottom .... but what did other builders do?




Or did you hire an elf?




Any tips would be appreciated.




Regards Geoff




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Wing Root Breather connection


Geoff, on memory I had 2 assistants hold the wing down at an angle so that the bottom of the wing skin was nearly touching the fuselage. This gave just sufficient space to get the fingers in and attach the hoses with the aid of pliers (with tape over the jaws so they would not damge the hoses). But it ain't easy.


If my memory also serves me correctly, it took a couple of times to get the hose lengths just right so that they would not kink when the wing was lifted back into the strut.


Have fun!





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