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Anzac Day 2020 and Days Past

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It was a very much muted AD here in Albany. The state has been divided into regions and travel between is only permitted by permit. The Great Southern is 2 away from Perth, and so several of our usual formation members were grounded in Jandakot. Several of our own members had aircraft in maintenance, (in expectation of a complete grounding of all GA), and a couple had escaped out to their farms. So, we ran a mixed type formation, which required some real effort on the part of our faster members: as it did for the tail-ender with only 160HP because we were at 140KIAS.


There was no RAAF formation, so we were tasked with the 1100 flypast of the Memorial, (to break the 1 minute silence). There was no marchpast. However the main drag was filled with cars, and a lot of pedestrians who had fore-knowledge of the small RSL event.


We made it over the 'top' with 20secs to go, not too bad, considering the many showers and the wind at the time.


#1 (leader) RV9A VH-VFE 180HP/FP

#2 Falco VH-YBN 180HP/CS

#3 Glasair III VH-DNJ 300HP/CS

#4 RV6 VH-VNE 180HP/CS

#5 RV9A VH-LPL 160HP/FP 1488073261_Anzac202070pc.thumb.JPG.34f7247b221c0562205b5e7879168e45.JPG (Albany Aero Club)

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I had planned a flight from London to Canakkale to make my way to the Anzac Day memorial at Gallipoli...


This was my route, had all permissions and clearances pre-booked... Maybe next year...



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