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Looking for advice for selling an old wing

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Hi forumites, looking for some advice here...


I have ten feet of Herc wing sitting behind my house, which I originally got a for a project that never came to fruition.

Now I'm looking at selling it, but have no idea how to go about it.


So I guess my questions are,

1. Where is a good place to list it? eBay, a forum, other?

2. What would an enthusiast be willing to pay for such a thing? I don't want to just give it away, but I want to be fair in my asking price.


The wing: It's the outside ten feet (approx.) of one of the horizontal stabilisers from a C-130H Hercules, though it's missing the leading leading edge / trailing edge / flap.


Any suggestions?


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An update:


So, since I might have looked like a bit of a prat with that whole "ooh look at me, I have a wing" attitude, let me tell you all the story:


Between 2007 and 2009 I was employed on base at RAAF Richmond. During my time I became friends with an Officer who worked for DSG, and I remember on a couple occasions talking with him about the furniture in the MotoArt catalogue, and how I'd love to make something like what they do.
Fast forward a year or so, and my friend tells me that he had been tasked with cleaning out the base boneyard, and referring back to that MotoArt catalogue, asked me if I wanted anything.
I drove up and had a look, and after a few "no, you can't have that", I spotted two rear tail sections from old H model Hercs; the horizontal stabilizer assemblies (no vertical stabilizers though), complete from end to end, almost fifty feet long.
I asked if I could have a part of one of those, and was told "yeah, no problem, how much of it do you want?" We agreed that they would cut it off just past the third rib, and about a week later, two RAAFies turned up on my doorstep with a flatbed truck and ten feet of wing.

My original plan was to make a large dining table. Then I met my now wife, and moved, and never got around to making the table. Eleven years later it's still just sitting in my back yard. It's obvious to me now that I'm not going to do anything with it, and it's make a fantastic piece of memorabilia for an aircraft enthusiast.


I've contacted a local (Australian) company similar to MotoArt who have expressed a potential interest in it, and I've also contacted the History and Heritage Unit at RAAF Amberly for advice.


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