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Flight Safety magazine paid?

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So at what point did flight Safety become a subscription service? The purpose of that magazine is to educate pilots and avoid incidents. Pilots who take unnecessary risks would not be the sort of pilot to pay for a subscription to this completely negating the point. 


I think the increased risk in safety is worse than C over D or any other bits of rubbish we are hearing about.



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I subscribe. But was surprised to receive an email informing me that my annual subscription had just automatically been renewed...And I had been debited for it.


While understanding the OPs point, I don't wholly agree. Flight Safety has an overarching theme of encouraging better airmanship, but has a variety of content covering diverse topics much like any aviation magazine. If it was just aviation safety directives, I wouldn't be buying it! I'm guessing  if flight schools and charter companies have a copy lying around the tea room or the hangar it might have broader reach in tbe aviation community...



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