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Crashed de Havilland DH 91 Albatross


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After a successful maiden flight in strong winds I was confident about flying the Frobisher again in kinder weather. The first flight of the day went really well although did show the difficult ground handling characteristics. The second flight ended in disaster. Powered up after pointing into wind but even with rudder the Frobisher yawed around almost into down wind direction. I should have abandoned the take off run but foolishly continued and once in the air it stalled. I corrected but it immediately tip stall over the other way and crashed. A sad end to a beautiful model but hey...it's just a hobby !


Sharing this experience so that others might learn from my mistake. To err is human and I think the most important thing is to understand why it happened and try not to do it again. I should have abandoned the take off and waited for the wind to reduce. Simple. 



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That's sad.

Looked beautiful both in the air as well as on the ground in one piece.

Unfortunately, most who have been involved in model aircraft, know that sometimes tragic things happen.

I used to reckon that any spare tissue that once came in a kit, was to wipe your eyes with when things went pear shaped.😂

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