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Cockpit instrument layout. Help.

flying dog

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(Although I am also still debating should I go with FS2022 or Xplane)


From my past days with FS9 I have a few instruments (Panels) and I am slowly thinking of getting my new machine working with one (or maybe both) FS.


I have:


Radio/COM panel (two displays and knobs to adjust the frequency)

Landing gear

8 x buttons

8 x switches

4 x knobs - Xponder mostly.

A radio control panel - as in volume, squelch and something.  (It is 20 years or so since I've used it)

6 lever throttle.  (speedbrake, 4 x throttle and flaps.)

(All the above is from Go-Flight)

I also have (somewhere) a couple of Saitek's square things that can be different things.   HSI, Radio, and other stuff.

Alas I bought them impulsively and they needed FS10 to work.  All I had was FS9.


I guess one big question is would they still be supported?

I'm guessing most would as I've seen Go-Flight are still in business.   But they were (then) only for FS-n stuff.  Not XPlane.

Does Xplane support them?


What would be a good layout for them?


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