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Ultralight Parts

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Once in a previous life, we in Kharkiv (Ukraine) designed and produced our ultralights, our triples, our wings. Tested, offered to the market. These are KHAZ-37, X-30, X-32, X-34 aircraft. These are trikes X-37, X-35. Now the company is no longer there. What's left? It remains the production of individual parts for trikes and ultralights. These are: 1) composite propellers 2) wooden propellers, 3) wheel fairings for wheels of different sizes, with and without a keel, 4) fiberglass seats, 5) plastic springs of the main chassis, 6) atomizers and pumps for spraying chemical solutions, 7) equipment for spraying biological plant protection products, 😎 plastic cabin fairings, 9) floats. Perhaps builders and owners of ultralights may be interested in this?  I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Изображение 009--.jpg


Изображение 019.jpg

Обтекатели колёс.jpg


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