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Pitts SB 34


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The new SB on the flop tube.


The old SB on the flop tube (degradation of the Aeroquip 601 hose) is now superseded but everyone should have done that anyway. This was an inspection and replace if necessary plus subsequent regular inspections.


The current issue is specific to Stratoflex hoses manufactured within the last 5 years however the SB requires replacement of all hoses in all model Pitts. Doesn't make sense to replace something un-necessarily especially as it is not an easy job. However this problem can arise with old hoses so regular inspection is essential - no life specified for these hoses but I'd replace at the same time as the engine hoses.


Easy enough for a pilot to check for a stiff tube and one which does not rest on the bottom of the tank. Apart from not supplying fuel when inverted it will also significantly increase unusable fuel in upright flight.


Yenn's recent post in another forum about a cowboy reminded me of an Australian specific AD about fuel tank caps. Now that CASA is reviewing these AD's and the cowboy has gone perhaps this AD will also go.


(I trust that this thread will not get hijacked like the other one - beats me what a Pitts User's Group has to do with aerobatics in the RAA)



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