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First Solo

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Have to let everyone know I went solo today. As if thats not a good enough feeling, then the tower congratulated me, that made my day. Haven't felt this good in ages, I mean I did it about 8 this morning and it's almost 10 now and I still can't believe it. Can't wait to progress further.



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Guest pelorus32

Congratulations!! This is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. You've joined a small select group - it's only members of that group who can really understand what you have experienced.


Well done!!



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Congratulations, it is a great feeling and acheivment. I did mine at a local non towered airport and the radio call from the flight school (It was in the 80's) made my day.


hey Ian you should get a medal to show under the usernames for thoose in the club:wasnt me:032_juggle.gif.8567b0317161503e804f8a74227fc1dc.gif



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Thanks alot guys.


I ballooned the landing slightly but I felt it go up then I eased the pressure on the yoke and it started to drop again. I was happy with it because if you've seen how long its taken me to get there. I think I finally understood the concept of landing about 6 or 7 hours later. My initial instructor who is a grade 3 kept pursuading with me but he still couldn't get me to understand so he asked a grade 1 instructor to help me out and it worked.


I started to doubt myself after about 5 hours of circuits and thought maybe I'm never gonna get it but I thought I've invested so much money into it so I'm not gonna give up that easy and it paid off.


Gotta start studying for my CPL now, any recommendations on books. I got the Aviation Theory Centre but I've heard Bob Tait is pretty good and quite easy to understand. I'm starting with Aircraft General Knowledge.


Any advice is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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Well done Morgan!


I'm pleased that the Grade 1 sorted you out. Always remember it is your money, so if you find you do not understand something, you can ask to fly with another instructor for a different viewpoint. Sometimes different instructors have a different way of explaining things, and some people understand one way better than the other. It doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other, just different.


I used the aviation theory centre books and found them good. Other people swear by the Bob Tait books. I don't think you could go wrong with either.



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