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Rough idle on 503 after flight

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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with a question regarding rough idle speed after a flight I did today. I have a Airborne edge X with 503 rotax, it's been running fine, today it started well and I did normal warm ups and went for a local flight 80mins, cruising at 5,000 revs mostly between 1,500 - 2,000 ft, she purred like a kitten, no problems and CHT from memory seem to look usual... When I returned to circuit area I dropped down from 1,500 to 500ft pretty quickly and joined mid downwind, no problems all seemed fine.


Landed and taxied back to hanger and before I turned mags off with no throttle (at idle) noticed rpm's were low at 1000 - dropping to as low as 800 rpm, and rough as guts, when I applied throttle it sounded fine above 2000 and smooth at 3,000 rpm but when I took my foot off throttle it dropped back to 800ish rpm almost dying, I switched off each mag separately, and it almost died but kept going just...


Someone suggested I first replace spark plugs which I will do this week (15hrs on them so far), and said I should not really idle the trike below 2,000 rpm at any stage....


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.







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Drop the carby bowls off (check and see if there is anything in the bowls) and give the float needles a tap as could possibly be a bit of crud holding the float needle open causing the carby to flood at idle revs.


Even with the bowls off and ignition switches off pull the motor through a few times as this will flush the float needles out.


Thats what is sounds like to me.


I'll give you a call from work when i get out there Tuesday.







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