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Rotax TBO?

Guest rocketdriver

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Guest rocketdriver

I'm sure its in here somewhere ... are Rotax engines maintained "on condition" or is there a mandated TBO?


I think I heard somewhere that the 503 had a TBO of 300 hours... is this correct, and if not, what engine life can be expected on average?


In rough terms, what does an overhaul cost. Yes .. how another "long is a piece of string" type question .. but what is the common experience please??


Reason for the questions ?? If I buy an a/c its sure to be second hand for pocketbook reasons!







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Guest Crezzi

According to the maintenance manual, a general overhaul of the Rotax 2-strokes is


required every 5 years or 300 hours .


I doubt you'll find many examples where this has been complied with though the operator might have opened them up & decoked them. Realistically most of them run way past 300 hours without any problems







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Regardless of TBO, I understand 503 will do considerable more hours than 582 before it is junk.


I know it is not possible in all aircraft but a 912 (2000hr TBO) works out much cheaper in the long term if you do the sums (fuel/parts/replacement) to a 2 stroke...even allowing for the astronautic initial cost (912UL 80hp over $25000 with bits). Drifter 912 12L/hr @65kt V 582 18L/hr @ 60kt as a indication is just the start.



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