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  1. I think it is fair to state that the change over from the old to new magazine was not handled well by most parties, mostly apparently to a lack of appreciation of the time required. To me "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!" I think it would be fair to let the new "mangement" a (small) margin to get all their ducks lined up. If they fail, THEN let's have an open seasion!
  2. I would be looking at the idle stops. Better still download the Rotax maintence manual and note requirements required for carby balancing that list relationship of mixture, stops etc (and of course getting the two the same). Also advised to have positive stops on throttle to prevent "forcing" the carby max and min settings.
  3. One way to get articles in the mag is write one and submit. Could get published and give the rest of us something to read.
  4. Carnet Cards are a bit confusing ParksFlyer. I got BP and Shell direct (Shell carnet replaced by normal credit card now). Never needed a Mobil until, you guessed it, I was in Mildura WITHOUT a fuel man in his hut! You rearly need a BP, Mobil, normal credit/debit card (with pin), and cash/cheque book if you are planning to travel. Skyfuel (there are probably others) should be able to help with the first two:1300 759 383 (PO Box 6006 The Oakes 2570.
  5. The Editor...he has replied to me. Sent to RA Aus also addressed "To Whom it May Concern"........you can work out why!
  6. Facing the RPT area, fuel is to the left, tie downs a bit further to the left of fuel
  7. When you land at Mildura and taxi over to fuel point take care NOT to go over the blue lines around the RPT parking/terminal area.
  8. Still have not received my copy (email sent to editor on subject) however it attracted my eye on newsagents rack today thus that has been a success. Had a slow flick and my general view was a good first effort at least at the standard of the previous offering EXCEPT for Members Market photos...also in email to the editor. I do hope the members who have expressed their views here have sent them also to someone who may take some action?
  9. A nice thing about Bob is he seems to stand for something...our current PM and Government don't seem to stand for anything that can't be changed if the tea leaves do not line up! Don't get me wrong...Whitlam stood for something...and I disagreeded with what he stood for even more. (than Bob)
  10. I assume your 230 is an LSA? If so you cannot change it without Jabaru approval.
  11. I personally do not care what it is called. What I very much care about is the timely distribution to the members and the Newsagents for sale to allow; 1. Members HOPEFULLY to get TIMELY information from the organisation, 2.Non members to read about the wounderful area of "pleasure/sport/etc" aviation, 3.Suppliers such as myself get value for money for the adds we buy to promote our products. I also include the Members Market here. I wrote to RA Aus about this early in the year and was pleased that the problems of the previous seemed to be being addressed. I was even prepared to
  12. The FAA Instruction is still sent to new 19- rego aircraft owners by RAA I think. It is very detailed and invaluable. Very important that overseas ready to fly aircraft are tested when reassembled by someone who knows/has flown the aircraft. I still start with taxi and strip runs in the one I import...and the first flights are REALLY close to the runway just in case.
  13. I started with a Jab LSA and had a lot of problems. Was replaced in school with Jab 160 which I found a lot better however by then I had some time. Tried a Gazelle between these two and hated it, probably as so different to the Jabs. Not long after getting my Pilots Certificate I had a go in a LightWing high wing nose wheel and Jab 230. They struck me as being much nicer to fly than the three other types I had used before. Around the same time flew the LightWing Speed (low wing). Loved it and purchased one, however there could be a problem with pilot height (Howie could have a solution to t
  14. As I received a bill yesterday for an add I expect it very soon. Welcome "Sports Pilot"
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